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Children's Software Review:    Zoo Tycoon 2



Computer Software Game Review: Zoo Tycoon 2

For Windows 98/Me/XP 

By Microsoft Studios

Released: 2004

Reviewed: November 2004

Our Recommended Age: 9-up

Our Rating: A+



Zoo Tycoon 2 Computer Game



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We love Microsoft's Zoo Tycoon series, and this latest edition features improvements that enhance gameplay, not to mention offer an exciting visual experience for players. 


With Zoo Tycoon 2, players can build, manage, and maintain their very own zoo in 3D, complete with realistic animals that act like their real-world counterparts, exhibits, lush habitats and landscaping, guest attractions, and more.


Success comes to players when they research specific animals, manage their funds effectively, hire and monitor staff, and build thriving as well as eye-pleasing exhibits. These factors not only offer players stimulating challenges, they add tremendous educational value to the fun.


New to this edition is a Zoo Guest mode which allows players to step into the zoo they've created and experience it first-hand as a guest. New ways to build make it easier for players to create exciting exhibits, random and dynamic challenges enrich gameplay, and free downloadable content adds variety. 


There is now an option that is excellent for younger players—kids can choose to play "freeform", which offers unlimited funds and immediately-available animals, scenery, and buildings.


Zoo Tycoon 2 is an outstanding simulation software for kids. Children can build their very own zoo, but they use their brains as they do. They are managers as well, and they learn quite a bit about animals as they play. Success in the game revolves around a balancing act. Children must think strategically and creatively in order to build and manage a thriving zoo. For example, one factor to consider is admission price. If the price is set too high, the zoo will attract fewer guests; too low, and players will be missing out on revenue opportunities. 


Why do we recommend this title? This CD-ROM strikes an excellent balance between fun and learning. Although not explicitly educational in an academic sense, this program is excellent for developing thinking skills. 


  • Absorbing gameplay.
  • A freeform mode of play that takes the pressure off younger players.



  • Sluggish at times. 




Our Rating:




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Notes: April 4/05 Virtual zookeepers can now add a host of vibrant and entertaining new objects to their habitats with the Spring Scenery Pack for Zoo Tycoon 2. The new Scenery Pack, a free download from Blue Fang Games and Microsoft Game Studios, adds even more variety to the wide range of highly detailed objects in Zoo Tycoon 2 for Windows. The new pack features fountains, animal statues and windowed fencing in three different styles: brick, stone and a jungle motif. Objects that visitors can interact with such as a splash fountain and tortoise trampoline are also included. 

The Spring Scenery Pack gives Zoo Tycoon 2 fans an even greater variety of options for creating the ultimate zoo experience. Players with an Internet connection can obtain the Scenery Pack from within the game by clicking on the "Downloads" icon and then selecting "Scenery Pack" in the menu. All the new objects help meet virtual guests' need for entertainment in the game. 

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Reviewed November 2004











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