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Children's Video Game Review:

Batman: Arkham Asylum Review for XBox 360

Video Game Review: Batman: Arkham Asylum
Teens Video Game for the XBox 360

By Eidos

Our Recommended Age: Teen

Released: September 2009

Our Rating: A+

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The Batman franchise wouldn't be complete without a full complement of video games to extend the audience's interest and entertainment. The latest of these is called Batman: Arkham Asylum, a fantasy action adventure that has critics and gamers alike raving, and has even won a Guinness World Record for the 'most critically acclaimed superhero game ever.' Even gamers who aren't fans of Batman will be thoroughly entertained and totally addicted to this third-person action game.

The game is set in Gotham's psychiatric hospital, Arkham Asylum, which houses the worst villains that Batman has ever defeated. These loony evil doers have taken over the asylum and have set a trap for Batman, who has captured the Joker and is delivering him to the nuthouse. The Joker's plan is to take over Arkham and rid himself of the only man who can stop him and his henchmen—Batman.

As the great superhero, players get to enjoy knock-down fights, stealthy maneuvers, the usual fantastic gadgets, and detective and riddling work. With the exception of driving the batmobile and Batman's other awesome vehicles, gamers will be able to do every cool thing Batman has ever done, without even donning a costume.

Using very simple control sequences with just two buttons, the action unfolds in satisfying combinations of fight moves which are visually superb. Boss battles are one of the heated highlights of the game, though they are minimal.

As players go through the Story mode, their number of moves and attacks increases, earning them points with which they can acquire new moves and gadgets. The game allows Batman a fantastic amount of freedom with the environment, which can be used to great advantage when sneaking up on enemies, exploding walls or other elements, hiding in grates, smashing through windows, etc.

The visual and audio presentation is outstanding, giving gamers a truly immersive experience. With a huge amount of unlockables, over 200 riddles, and the Challenge modes, this game has an enormous amount of replay value.

Rated T for teen due to blood, mild language, suggestive themes, and violence, Batman: Arkham Asylum has enough addictive action to keep even the most jaded gamers glued to their controllers.

For fans of the Batman franchise, there is plenty of attention to story and character, though those unfamiliar with Batman will be equally entertained. With such fast-paced stealth play and action-packed adventure, Batman: Arkham Asylum is sure to become your favorite addiction.



  • Immersive, visually stunning, outstanding audio
  • Replay value is sky high.


  • Violence and suggestive themes make it unsuitable for children.


Our Rating:


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Reviewed: September 2009

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