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Children's Video Game Review:

Brain Age for Nintendo DS

Video Game Review: Brain Age
Children's Video Game for Nintendo DS

By Nintendo

Our Recommended Age: Ages 7-up

Released: 2009

Our Rating: B+

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All reviews at Edutaining Kids are independent and impartial. Our children's video game reviews are designed to help parents and caregivers find the right games for their kids. Evaluations and ratings are based on educational and entertainment value, age appropriate content, and innovativeness.

The Brain Age video game for the Nintendo DS is educational and mentally rewarding. Brain Age does something that is quite remarkable in that it crosses generational lines and appeals to people of all ages. The content is rated "E", and does not include any violence, adult content, or questionable themes. In today's contemporary gaming culture, this can be extremely refreshing. The actual educational content of the game is somewhat advanced, so if your children are unable to read or answer elementary math problems, then this game is definitely not for them.

The game is designed to encourage parts of the prefrontal cortex to respond to corresponding stimulus. Some examples of Brain Age's mini-games include: memorization, math equations, oral reading, logic, and general perception.

The Nintendo DS has a touch screen which makes this game even more exciting and educationally challenging because quick responses raise your score. In addition, you are continually aware of your progress and your "brain age" score that improves the more you practice and play the game. The designers did a wonderful job of creating a reminder that encourages you to play every day. If you have gone for several days without playing, the system will remind you to practice.

There are several special features incorporated into the Brain Age game that make it even more appealing. One feature is the ability to request a left-handed mode of play. This is such a nice feature for children who need this option and are unable to find it in other video games. Another accommodating feature of the Brain Age game is the multiple player option…no one gets left out. Of course one of the ground breaking features of the game is the use of a microphone to record answers. Yes, the games are simplistic in nature but the added features make it seem more complex.

Brain Age can be quite addicting…in a good way. Some of the challenges are based on a timed score, so you will find yourself playing again and again in attempts to increase your answer rate. Also, many of the goals are structured around your ability to retain information. Your kids will often play the same mini-game repeatedly, so they can increase their memorization score. All of this is done in a non-threatening manner, and the creators spent a great amount of effort and care to ensure a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of encouragement at the end of a gaming session.

Pros: educational, fun, challenging, addictive, entertaining, cross-generational

Cons: handwriting recognition, sensitivity of the microphone



  • Educational and fun.
  • Pleasantly challenging and addictive.
  • Cross-generational


  • Handwriting recognition is imperfect.
  • Sensitivity of the microphone is imperfect.


Our Rating:


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For more information, user reviews, or to buy: Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! for the Nintendo DS

Reviewed: July 2009

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