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Children's Video Game Review:

Kirby Squeak Squad for Nintendo DS

Video Game Review: Kirby Squeak Squad
Children's Video Game for Nintendo DS

By Nintendo

Our Recommended Age: Ages 4-11

Released: 2009

Our Rating: A

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Nintendo's pink puff character is back in a new adventure. Is the Squeak Squad a step up or a step back?

Nintendo's Kirby video game franchise has been wildly successful and popular for gamers of all ages. His cutesy image hides a rather ferocious appetite and fantastic array of abilities. The last DS release was Canvas Curse, an innovative title that utilized the touch screen on the handheld, exciting gamers with its unique versatility. Kirby Squeak Squad, the latest release in the line of Kirby platform games, takes a more classic approach, but still offers fun new features.

In Squeak Squad, Kirby is sitting down to a strawberry shortcake picnic when some unseen burglar snatches the yummy treat. While investigating this horrifying event, Kirby discovers that the thief is actually a band of rodents called the Squeak Squad. Kirby sets off on an adventure through 8 vibrant worlds to retrieve his delectable snack and to foil the Squad's efforts to horde treasure chests. Using his unique floating and inhaling abilities, he swallows enemies and takes on their special abilities for his own.

A wonderfully designed 2D platformer, this game evolves the gameplay of the Game Boy Advance titles with new features and content. Kirby has 25 different fighting abilities interspersed throughout the game, and a new function where Kirby can swallow up to five abilities, and these can be saved to the touch screen. These saved abilities can be combined to produce new or more powerful abilities. Another new feature is that now Kirby affects the environment as well as his enemies, freezing water, burning foliage, making holes, etc. The levels are fairly easy, but the big draw lies in finding all the secrets and items to unlock. Some items are just for added interest, like stills for the gallery or changing Kirby's color, but some are enhanced abilities that can be used in the game.

There are also three mini-games that can be played singly or with up to four other players. Speedy Teatime tests the player's reaction time by seeing if Kirby can get the food before his opponent. Smash Ride is a battle mode game where players try to bump each other off of a platform. Treasure Shot uses the stylus to shoot balls of fire at treasures in the upper screen.

Rated E for everyone with mild cartoon violence, this game is easy enough to entertain younger gamers while having enough content to entice more seasoned players. Those gamers looking for the same level of creativity and depth as the Canvas Curse title will be disappointed, but those looking for another fun platform game will delight in this Kirby version. Completion doesn't take very long--roughly 5-6 hours due to the ease of play--but there is some replay value in finding hidden treasures and playing with new abilities. With its clever new features, Kirby Squeak Squad is another great enemy-swallowing, action-packed adventure with our favorite pink floaty hero.



  • Good longevity with virtually unlimited activities as long as kids keep an interest in the game.
  • Multidimensional.


  • Not as appealing to children who prefer assigned missions.


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Reviewed: July 2009

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Kirby Squeak Squad for DS


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