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Children's Video Game Review:

DS Roogoo Attack!

Video Game Review: Roogoo Attack!
Children's Video Game for Nintendo DS

By SouthPeak

Our Recommended Age: Ages 6-up

Released: July 2009

Our Rating: A-

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As a spin off from the Roogoo title made for the Xbox Live Arcade, Roogoo Attack was developed for the Nintendo DS system. Is it a hit or just a Roogooey mess?

The Roogoo game made for the Xbox Live Arcade got critical acclaim, but unenthusiastic response from gamers. Undaunted, the developers decided to go in a different direction, producing a version for the Wii system called Roogoo Twisted Towers and a version for the DS system called Roogoo Attack. These two puzzlers are both very entertaining and very similar, but not identical.

In this game’s story, the planet Roo is populated by beings called the Roogoo and powered by shapes called Magical Meteors. The evil twins of the Roogoo, known as the Meemoo, are after the meteors to horde the power for themselves. The Roogoo must stop them and ensure that the meteors reach the planet.

As with its Twisted Towers Wii counterpart, the DS version has a very simple game concept—fit the falling shapes through corresponding holes in platforms, a reminder of the Playskool toys we all had as children. But this simple gameplay is quickly complicated by the speed at which the shapes fall, the increasing number of shapes, enemies, and platform obstacles, like shifting covers over the holes and number of shapes required before they will fall through a hole.

For some variety, the game also boasts a skydiving challenge and multiplayer modes for both cooperative and competitive play.

The player uses both DS screens to full advantage in the roughly 100 levels of this game. Though it does not have the boss fights like the Wii version, the DS version has its own unique aspects, like stacking bird nests, eggs, and hens in the proper order. Other similarly wacky levels include things like hamburgers, snowmen, and brownies. Gamers who have both DS and Wii versions can connect them to unlock exclusive extra levels, which are just as fun as the regular levels. There’s also a very interesting reverse mode wherein the shapes go backwards, as well as some horizontal gameplay, instead of all vertical falling.

Rated E for everyone with comic mischief, this game is a winner for gamers of all ages. Veteran gamers may find the gameplay a bit repetitive at first, but the difficulty level increases as the game progresses, until even hardcore gamers are able to appreciate the hectic challenge. Roogoo Attack is a charming, horribly cute puzzler that will delight and entertain puzzle-loving players for hours.



  • Mildly challenges young gamers.
  • Strong hint system.


  • Games seem disjointed from the story.
  • Lack of depth and challenge.


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Reviewed: July 2009

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