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Children's Video Game Review:

Legendary Starfy for Nintendo DS

Video Game Review: Legendary Starfy
Children's Video Game for Nintendo DS

Our Recommended Age: Ages 6-up

Released: 2009

Our Rating: A

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Nintendo’s bouncy, yellow hero has finally made his way to the U.S. Was Nintendo right to be leery about introducing this Japanese-influenced game to Americans? This review discusses the interesting features of this wacky game.

Starfy has been Japan’s cheerful starfish video game hero for several years in a series of platform games made by Nintendo. These have never been released in the U.S., perhaps because they have a very “Japanese” flavor. Nintendo has finally decided to bring Starfy to the West in the game Legendary Starfy for DS. This action and platforming game has a very familiar feel—anyone who has played Super Mario or Kirby will recognize elements in this game—but Starfy has its own zany style.

Legendary Starfy begins with Starfy sleeping in his bed at the Pufftop Palace. He’s rudely awakened when a space-suit-wearing rabbit falls through the roof onto him. This creature is named Bunston and Starfy is compelled to defend him when the Dire Pirate Squad breaks into the Palace and tries to snatch the rabbit. Bunston disappears with the Squad in hot pursuit, and Starfy begins his heroic journey to save the rabbit and discover his origins. This quirky and chaotic plot continues throughout the game, emphasized by the bouncy, frenetic animation of the characters and the look of the game, with its 3D background and 2D characters.

The main gameplay difference between Legendary Starfy and its platforming predecessors is the underwater theme. Starfy can maneuver on land, but he really excels in the water, where he star spins, free swims, and launches into the air. As the game progresses, other actions become available to the player as well as transformations into four different special creatures, including a flaming dragon named Monstar and a sonic-egg-laying chicken named Roostar. There are multiple secret levels within the main levels, a variety of challenges within each area, a multitude of secrets to unlock and collectibles to find, mini-games, and a cooperative mode where a second player can jump into the action in special sections. The player can also collect items to purchase clothes and accessories for a 3D Starfy in the pause menu, though this wacky activity has no other function than to amuse—the accessorized Starfy can’t be used within the game.

Rated E for everyone with the caveat of mild cartoon violence, Legendary Starfy’s incredible amount of content is its weakness as well as its strength. The game itself is simple enough to play and very entertaining, but the sheer volume and randomness of activities, extras, and options might get overwhelming for young gamers. The more seasoned gamers might find the actual gameplay too simple, but the game’s peculiar style and diverse activities will keep them involved and having fun. Legendary Starfy may be another in a long line of Nintendo platformers, but its aquatic theme, bouncy quality, and wacky premise make it a delightfully different adventure.


  • Exceptionally clear instructions for new and young gamers
  • Unique characters and gameplay


  • Might not challenge experienced gamers enough
  • The amount and variety of activities may become overwhelming to younger children


Our Rating:


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Reviewed: 2014

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