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Children's Video Game Review:

Guiter Hero 5 for Playstation 3

Video Game Review: Guitar Hero 5
Children's Video Game for PS3

By Activision

Our Recommended Age: Ages 13-up

Released: September 2009

Our Rating: A

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PS3—Guitar Hero 5 Review

Even with new advances in game systems and new releases in the music video game genre, the Guitar Hero series has still been the popular standard by which every other rhythm game must aspire. Knowing a lucrative franchise when they see it, Activision has just released the latest in the series, Guitar Hero 5. Using the same basic successful formula with enhanced features and a fantastic lineup of titles and bands, Guitar Hero 5 is a fun music fest for enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Players are still able to rock out to a wide variety of songs and favorite bands with the instrument of their choice, but now the massive set list is available to players from the beginning, and gamers can enjoy a variety of superstar bands like The Rolling Stones, Kings of Leon, Tom Petty, Jimmy Eat World, Bob Dylan, Santana, and much more. Players can also port songs for a small fee from other Guitar Hero packs like World Tour, Smash Hits, and Rolling Stones, increasing the set list even more to include something for everyone.

Along with a huge set list, Guitar Hero 5 also includes enhancements like being able to drop in and out of the new Party Play Mode without interrupting the jam sessions, changing instruments or difficulty levels easily. Activision also enhanced the customization options, giving players improved music creation and rocker creation, though players can choose a character like Johnny Cash or Shirley Manson if creating a character from scratch is too much. Players also have the option to change the vocal tracks from standard to Static or Karaoke modes, plus see the difficulty levels for each instrument in a song. The multiplayer options enhance competition and party play, both on and off-line.

Rated T for Teen due to mild suggestive lyrics and themes, this title is a smash hit for older gamers with a jones for rockin’. Activision has ratcheted up the difficulty level on many aspects of this title, but since players can now see the difficulty of each instrument and can change difficulty levels in Party Play, the gameplay is amazingly smooth. With a fantastic line-up of bands, songs, and characters, plus multiple enhancements, Guitar Hero 5 will have both fans and newcomers alike rocking out ‘til the break of dawn.

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For more information, user reviews, or to buy: Guitar Hero 5 with Van Halen Offer for the PlayStation 3.

Reviewed: September 2009

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