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Children's Video Game Review:

Little Big Planet for Playstation 3

Video Game Review: Little Big Planet
Children's Video Game for PS3

By Sony

Our Recommended Age: Ages 6-up

Released: August 2009

Our Rating: A+

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Little Big Planet is Sony’s defining platform family video game for the PS3 and offers a diverse and unique gaming experience for players of all ages.

The game lets players assume the control of a ‘sack person’, who is able to interact with a fun and rewarding environment with up to 3 other people on the same console.

Players may personalize their ‘sack boy’ as they choose, using a wide range of clothes, colors, and other apparel. This feature is further enhanced by a healthy stream of free content available for download from the Playstation network and, for a small cost, many other themed costumes are available. In addition to the downloadable costumes, the Playstation store offers a number of ‘level packs’ which allow users to employ a larger number of items in the creation of their own levels, although these usually come at a small fee.

The levels in the game share a basic objective of getting from point A to point B; the way in which the player does this is where Little Big Planet comes into its own.

The first levels ease players into learning how they can interact with the environment, and the tutorials throughout are helpful, well-narrated by Stephen Fry. Players will learn to run, jump, and interact freely with a number of items to make their way past obstacles.

The offline adventure is only the beginning of the unlimited potential the game holds; just how deep the game goes is evident in the fact that when players go online, they can play levels created by other players! To create a level of their own, players simply need to go onto the level creator, after which they can use the huge number of tools (all of which have helpful tutorials) to make a level as complicated, simple, and most of all as imaginative as they want. The player-created levels can then be published online among a flourishing community and can be played by anyone else who owns the game and has an internet connection, at any time.

This online component of the game truly makes replayability more or less endless and ensures that any four players can have a great time, making it an excellent family game.

Overall Little Big Planet is a game worth buying if you own a PS3 and want a good game to play with the family, as it can be picked up by young children and adults alike. The only minor problem we can see with the game for families is that some of the later levels, and the level creator in particular, may be too complicated for younger children. Of course, for some, it's a creative, healthy challenge. Despite this, the game remains great fun for all ages and would be a very strong addition to any family’s game library.


  • Creative and imaginative.
  • Replayability factor strong.


  • Might be too challenging for the very young.


Our Rating:


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For more information, user reviews, or to buy: LittleBigPlanet for the PlayStation 3.

Reviewed: August 2009

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