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Children's Video Game Review:

Dissidia Final Fantasy for PSP Review

Video Game Review: Dissidia Final Fantasy
Children's Video Game for PSP

By Square Enix

Our Recommended Age: Ages 15-up

Released: August 2009

Our Rating: A-

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Review of Dissidia Final Fantasy for PSP

Final Fantasy has been one of the most successful, longest running role playing series in the video game world. Each game in the series offers compelling storylines and engaging characters, drawing in an enormous following that grows with each new addition to the franchise.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy gathers together heroes and villains from each previous game in the series for an epic action adventure with some role playing elements, creating an exciting game that will delight fans and newcomers alike.

In Dissidia, the balance of power between the gods Chaos and Cosmos has tipped in favor of Chaos, and the very fabric of reality is in danger. The heroes from previous Final Fantasy episodes must each complete a Destiny Odyssey, defeating a villain and collecting a crystal piece that will restore the balance of power between the gods.

Each Destiny Odyssey has five chapters, requiring the player to move around as well as a grid with a certain amount of turns to complete each chapter. On this grid, the player can battle enemies, find treasure chests, collect items, and fight bosses. Completing each chapter with turns to spare gives the player fun bonus items.

When in combat, a player must lock onto their target and attack, plus use the guard button to deflect counter attacks. The two basic attacks either drain battle points or damage health points. One really fun aspect of the head-to-head battles is the EX mode, which unleashes a super powerful attack against the player’s enemies and even changes the form of the characters as well. Players can enter EX mode by either collecting an item that allows for this maneuver, or attacking enemies in such a way that they release EX orbs. The characters are nicely customizable, and players will find the other modes of play just as entertaining as the Story mode, though Dissidia doesn’t offer online play. Players will be richly rewarded with unlockables and bonuses as the game progresses, giving gamers an enormous amount of material to enjoy.

Rated T for Teen due to fantasy violence, mild language, and partial nudity, this game is a fantastic title for older gamers.

While the camera angles are occasionally restrictive, especially in the more confined arenas, and the battles can sometimes feel too frenetic, overall this title gives a smooth and vibrant gaming experience for Final Fantasy fans and newcomers alike. Dissidia: Final Fantasy is a dynamic adventure that will capture players and not let go for quite a long time.




  • Immersive game for older teens.
  • Fantastic gameplay.
  • Large content.
  • Excellent audio.


  • No online play
  • Pace is sometimes too frenetic
  • Story line is unimaginative


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Reviewed: September 2009

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