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Children's Video Game Review:

Pixar's Cars for Nintendo Wii

Video Game Review: Pixar's Cars
Children's Video Game for Nintendo Wii

Our Recommended Age: Ages 4-up

Released: 2006

Our Rating: B+

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If your kids love Pixar’s Cars movie, then they will go crazy for the Wii video game by THQ. Not only are the characters and scenes gorgeously illustrated and joyfully expressive just as in the movie, you can control them! Imagine taking Lightning McQueen by the wheel and driving him through the town of Radiator Springs or racing around the track.

Like the movie, people of all ages will enjoy playing Cars on the Wii. The movie’s cast has been reassembled for the game version with voiceovers by Owen Wilson, Michael Keaton, Bonnie Hunt, George Carlin, and other original cast members. The storyline picks up where the movie left off and features a number of mini games and race events throughout. This is a story-based video game that puts you in the driver’s seat – and in the world of Cars!

The Cars game for the Wii, which is rated E for Everyone, features two levels of play: regular game play and version of younger kids. For players who want to go on missions, collect points, race, and follow the story’s plot line, the regular version is a blast. Younger kids are content simply driving Lightning McQueen around and exploring their favorite Radiator Springs locations.

This game is best played with a steering wheel attachment on the Wii-mote, though such an attachment isn’t absolutely necessary. When mounted in a steering wheel attachment, the Wii senses the movements and turns of the wheel and the onscreen cars respond accordingly. Without an attachment, the Wii-mote is held horizontally between two hands with upwards and downwards motions indicating steering maneuvers.

This is a fun game that brings the Cars movie to life in the Wii console. Parents will be hard pressed to find anything objectionable about this game, other than the fact that their kids want to play it all the time.


  • Lots of fun for people of all ages!
  • Hours of fun- this is not a game that will be worn out with a couple plays.


  • Only allows two players at once, and therefore could be better for multiplayer purposes
  • Might not be very exciting for kids who are very accustomed to Mario Kart games.


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Reviewed: 2014

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