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Children's Video Game Review:

CID The Dummy for the Nintendo Wii

Video Game Review: Cid the Dummy
Children's Video Game for the Nintendo Wii

By O-Games

Our Recommended Age: Ages 10-up

Released: June 2009

Our Rating: C-

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In one of Nintendo’s more bizarre twists, comes this platforming game featuring a crash test dummy. Should gamers buckle their seatbelts and brace for the crash and burn?

Nintendo has not been a slouch about producing games for its motion sensitive Wii game system, discerning the market’s eagerness for more titles. CID The Dummy is one of the company’s latest creations, an action platforming game with a quirky crash test dummy for a hero.

The game begins with a tutorial where players meet CID, a test dummy bored with his smashing life, who is given special powers by Professor B.M. Werken to rescue his daughter from the clutches of his rival. Armed with a rubber, ice, or flame-throwing bazooka, CID launches into his adventure to defeat the enemies and rescue the damsel in distress. Undeterred by brains in jars and hostile crocodile eggs, he punches, bazookas, and sneaks his way across levels in classic, linear platform style with some puzzles thrown in for good measure and super powers for kicks. One of his special powers is the Panic Attack, where he collects ten orbs to unleash havoc and destroy all enemies in range.

The game is played with a mix of buttons and motions from the Wii remote and nunchuk. The player moves CID with the nunchuk while performing actions, such as punching, by shaking the remote. Though it doesn’t seem a very accurate method for getting the job done, use of the remote and the nunchuk is actually smooth and responsive. The only exception is working the bazooka, where the player must press the A button on the Wii remote and lift it to shoulder height. Often, especially during critical battle moments, the system doesn’t respond well to bazooka use.

Rated E 10+ for everyone 10 years and older for cartoon violence, this game is simple enough to play, but an average title for Nintendo. There are multiple difficulty levels, but the greatest challenge and frustration is the lack of checkpoints in each level. When CID dies, the player must go back to the beginning of the level and redo all the puzzles and battles.

There is some variety with secret areas and collectibles, but only perfectionists bent on locating everything will get much replay value from this game. Children and gamers looking for quick, casual play will find CID the Dummy a wacky few hours of mild entertainment.


  • Mildly entertaining



  • Lack of checkpoints is frustrating
  • Mediocre gameplay


Our Rating:


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Reviewed: September 2009

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