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Children's Video Game Review:

Wii Game Party for the Nintendo Wii

Video Game Review: Wii Game Party
Children's Video Game for the Nintendo Wii

By Midway

Our Recommended Age: Ages 5-up

Released: August 2009

Our Rating: C+

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Wii Game Party from Midway Home Entertainment is a collection of seven skill games for the Wii including: darts, table hockey, shuffle board, ping cup, skill ball, hoop shoot, and trivia. With seven different games to choose from, thereís something here for most any video gaming fan.

The Wii-mote plays a starring role in these games as it is used to aim and shoot. For example, when shooting darts, you hold the Wii-mote in your hand just as you would hold a dart. First, you press a button and aim. Once youíve found your mark, shoot the Wii-mote forward and release the button. The Wiiís motion sensing feature calculates the force with which you shot the dart and the virtual dart lands accordingly. If you donít shoot it forcefully enough, the dart falls short. Shoot it forward too hard and it bounces off the dartboard. Get it just right, and you might score a bullís eye!

This set of games is ideal for playing with a group of friends. Each player selects a virtual character and takes turns shooting. A virtual cast of characters cheers you on as you play with characters from all walks of life. Depending on the date or seasons, characters come and go. For example, if youíre playing in December, you might see a character dressed as Santa Claus.

Wii Game Party has a bar room feel to it and the characters are modeled after young adults. These characters arenít as cute as the Wiiís Miis, nor are they customizable, so they are less appealing to younger players. Wii Game Party is rated E for Everyone. Parents wonít find much to be offended about other than the occasional pout on a characterís face when she doesnít get a point.

This set of games is fun to play occasionally, especially with other players. Itís ideal for when you want to play skill games that donít require extensive learning. Players can quickly learn what to do and start playing.

For the price, the game isn't bad, especially for younger players, as there is virtually no learning curve for some of the games (most notably, darts). It truly favors groups. Overall, however, the game is uninspired and doesn't have much personality.


  • Straightforward.
  • Large amount of content for the price.


  • Uninspired and lacking in personality.


Our Rating:


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For more information, user reviews, or to buy: Game Party for the Nintendo Wii.

Reviewed: August 2009

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