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Children's Video Game Review:

My Sims Racing (for the Nintendo Wii)

Video Game Review: MySims Racing
Children's Video Game for Nintendo Wii

By Electronic Arts

Our Recommended Age: Ages 6-up

Released: June 2009

Our Rating: A

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The MySims characters are making another game debut, this time kart racing. Is it just another Mario Kart knockoff, or does this game offer something new?

The Sims characters from the life-simulation computer game are back in yet another of the growing kid-friendly line of video games. This time, they've taken up the racing challenge in MySims Racing. Many other games have tried to compete with the kart racing champion game, Mario Kart, but the MySims Racing game slides a bit away from convention with its story line and customization options.

The lighthearted story involves a town that has fallen into hard times because their star racer has disappeared. The ailing town needs a new racing champion to lift it back into glory. That champion is the player's character, which is created and customized by the player at the beginning of the game. The vehicles are also customizable, with snazzy upgrades and quirky accessories.

The game has three modes of play, Story, Quick Race, and Multiplayer. The story mode takes the player through tracks and events that progress the player through the storyline. Quick Race and Multiplayer give the player the option of jumping into any of the 15 tracks in the game, racing against the system or against up to four other players. The player uses the Wii remote like a steering wheel, with the number 2 button as the accelerator and the number 1 button as the brake and reverse. The vehicle can also jump over obstacles in the tracks by thrusting the Wii remote upward.

The races themselves are not much of a challenge, but the tracks are bright and fun, and the customization options are thoroughly delightful. To be able to customize and upgrade the vehicle, the player has to collect gems and complete events in the tracks. As added interest, there are zany weapons scattered along the tracks to slow the competition, some dangers like tornadoes to avoid, speed boosters, and alternative routes to explore.

Rated E for everyone, My Sims Racing is a family-oriented game that will engage younger gamers and those who enjoy family or racing games.

One downside is that the vehicle putters along when it's not in boost mode or careening down a mountain, even when fully upgraded. Another issue that may disappoint players is that the multiplayer mode only features races--no battles and no online play. Hardcore gamers may find this game unappealing, as it is very simple and familiar territory for racers. However, the story and customizability will keep younger gamers entertained for hours. MySims Racing does not revolutionize the racing genre, but it is lighthearted good fun for the whole family.



  • Fun and entertaining for younger children.
  • Nice customization features and good variety of racing environments and tracks.
  • Energetic, bright, and fun.


  • No battles or online play.
  • Although great for younger children, this game may not be appealing to hardcore gamers.


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Reviewed: June 2009

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