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   Gift Guide: Preschoolers


Preschoolers can be the easiest people to shop for—they are wide-eyed and enthusiastic about almost any new toy they unwrap. But if parents want that initial excitement to last beyond Christmas morning, it is wise to shop around. When it comes to toys and software, any parent will agree that there are wiser choices than others--toys that entertain and educate at the same time are ideal. Often, though, some of the best gifts are toys that inspire imagination and encourage discovery. So, while electronic teaching aids can be fantastic, tubs of paints and wooden blocks are priceless.


Top Gifts
for Preschoolers


2019/2020 EDITION



Leap Frog's LeapPad Ultra

Tablets are where it's at for portable fun and learning. This very kid-friendly tablet is specifically designed for young children and is filled with fun and truly educational (or edutaining) activities. The LeapPad Ultra Kids Tablet is currently available in green or pink. It's tough, the apps are strong and appealing, kids love the camera and video options, and it includes a kid-safe internet browsing experience.

The only real problem with this choice is that additional apps/software for the unit are necessary for full enjoyment of the tablet, as users cannot access non-LeapFrog apps such as Google Play, and they are quite expensive. A regular tablet will be desired once the LeapPad Ultra has outgrown its appeal, and this has to be considered as well (some parents would prefer to skip right to a "real" tablet instead). If you can afford it, however, you will likely be happy with your choice. A regular tablet will be desired down the road, but this one is quite perfect for the younger set. For more reviews, information, or to buy: LeapPad Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Edition

We love this tablet. The Galaxy Tab 3 can be run in standard mode, and it's the same Galaxy Tab 3 that adults use. In kid mode, there are nice parental controls and preloaded kid-friendly apps with the option to acquire more. You can load up this tablet with apps from Google Play, for example, or the Samsung Kids Store.  It's fun right out of the box. We love the carry handle that turns into a tablet stand and stylus version, although the other version with the orange bumper is good as well. For more information, user reviews, or to buy: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Edition (7-Inch with Carrying Case and Stylus)