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Children's DVD Review:

Charlie and Lola Volume One and Volume Two

DVD Review: Charlie and Lola (Volume One and Volume Two)


BBC Video

Our Recommended Age: Ages 3-5

Released: September 2006

Reviewed: September 2006

Our Rating: A-

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Based on the award-winning books by Lauren Child, Charlie and Lola come to DVD. Charlie and Lola Volumes One and Two (two separate packages) use 2D CelAction animation, fabric design, paper cutout, photomontage, and other media to bring the storybook world to live. The result is a thoroughly charming and unique format for preschoolers. Actual children voice the realistic dialogue. The format is engaging, and the content very clever. Children are encouraged at all times to use their imaginations, as well as to think for themselves. This is BBC's first-ever preschool property. 

The stories feature Charlie and his little sister Lola. Charlie tells the audience, "I have a little sister Lola. She's small and very funny." Lola is an imaginative little girl who is quite a handful, what with her imaginary friend and grand ideas. Charlie needs to draw on his own imagination to handle Lola, and the results are sweet.

In "I Will Not Ever Never Eat a Tomato", Charlie is in charge of feeding his very fussy sister. Lola lists all of the foods she doesn't like--peas, carrots, spaghetti, eggs, and the list goes on. Tomatoes, however, are the worst, according to Lola. Charlie decides to turn the dreaded foods into fabulous things in order to encourage Lola to eat them. First step: carrots. "Carrots are for rabbits", declares Lola. Charlie tells her that, in fact, carrots are from Jupiter. While Lola finds peas "too small and too green", Charlie explains that peas are actually green drops from Green Land, where everything is green.

The animation is unique and the stories have universal childhood themes that any child (and adult reminiscing) can relate to. As noted above, real children (with British pronunciations) voice the characters. Charlie is an excellent role model as an older brother. He's delightfully responsible, supportive, and patient. Lola truly is "funny"--enthusiastic and creative. Themes include such things as bedtime routines, keeping secrets, getting sick, fear of spiders, separation anxiety, and more.

Extras on the DVDs include outtakes and games. 


Best For: Ages 3-5.

Our Rating:



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Reviewed: September 2006

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Charlie and Lola, Vols. 1 and 2 (DVD)

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