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Children's Classic Book Review:

Are You My Mother?

Book Review: Are You My Mother?
Author: P. D. Eastman

Random House Books

Our Recommended Age: Ages 3-up

Our Rating: A+

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Are You My Mother? by P D Eastman This classic book stars a baby bird whose mother is nowhere to be found when he hatches from his egg. After falling from his nest, he embarks on a long journey in search of his mother. Along the way, he asks a hen, cow, boat, and plane the magic question, "Are you my mother?" Mistaking a large crane (a "Snort") for his mother lands him right back in his nest where he finds his real mother--a very happy  and soothing ending for curious little children.

The text is repetitive -- just right for children just learning to read -- yet the story still manages to capture children's attention. A favorite with young children (and older ones alike!), Are You My Mother? by P. D. Eastman is a true classic. The imprinting process is, in reality, a phenomenon in young birds, who will become attached to the first moving object they encounter. However, the story is extremely attractive to young children. Kids listen on the edge of their seats as they are read the story for the first time, and they smile expectantly with repeat readings. The book is fabulous all-around. 

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Reviewed: April 2005

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Are You My Mother?

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