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Children's Video and DVD Review:

Scholastic Video Collection: Bear Snores On (...and more stories to celebrate the seasons)

Video - DVD Review: Bear Snores On


Scholastic Video Collection

Our Recommended Age: Ages 2-6

Our Rating: A

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We love the Scholastic Video Collection because it presents stories that stay true to the children's books on which they are based. You won't find fancy animation here. The stories collected on this DVD are narrated stories rather than movie adaptations. As such, they encourage the concept of storytelling and reading, effectively celebrating some of the world’s most celebrated books!

The feature story is based on the book of the same name by Karma Wilson and illustrated by Jane Chapman. A slumbering bear snores away in his lair, and he "snores on" through howling and growling winds, visits from a variety of forest animals like Mouse and Hare who build a fire and make popcorn.

The next story, Waiting for Wings, is "narrated" through a song. Children learn about beginnings, middles, and ends as the eggs transform into caterpillars and then butterflies.

The third feature story, Come on, Rain!, is a story about summer heat. Tess is waiting for rain, and when it does come, there is a real celebration. We feel the little girl's delight as she declares, "The rain has made us new."

The DVD edition includes two bonus stories, Snow Cat and Time of Wonder. A read-along feature is especially educational.

Social Skills/Messages: This DVD celebrates storytelling and plugs the joys and pleasures of books. The stories in this edition encourage appreciation for nature and the seasons, as well as cultural diversity.

Best For: Ages 2-6 and up.

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Reviewed: October 2005

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Bear Snores On... and More Stories to Celebrate the Seasons (Scholastic Video Collection) (DVD edition)

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