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Children's DVD Review:

Wai Lana's Little Yogis: Daydream

DVD Review: Wai Lana's Little Yogis: Daydream


By Wai Lana Productions

Our Recommended Age: 2-8

Our Rating: A+

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"I relax my body,
I relax my mind;
I forget my troubles,
In my daydream time."

We're thrilled with this new animated Wai Lana Little Yogis DVD. It's perfect for luring children to sleep in a mind-and-body healthy manner. It's also ideal for older children who are past the napping phase but who could benefit from a restful break. "Little bodies work and play all day long, it's time for a rest!", Wai Lana tells little ones in her distinctively soothing and heavily accented voice.

Wai Lana's Little Yogis: Daydream is filled with colorful yet soothing animated images and songs. It incorporates basic yoga relaxation principles and instructions into the narration as well. Children are encouraged to lie down in a "safe and warm" place, put their hands on their bellies, and perform a basic breathing technique. Then, little viewers are told to close their eyes and relax each part of their bodies--their toes, their necks, and even their teeth!

Once in this relaxed state, they go to a "special place" in their imaginations--to the beach, where they listen to the waves and to Wai Lana's comforting voice. The "lie down on the nice, warm sand", listen to a little yoga song, and enjoy a dreamy, non-narrated interlude. If they're still awake, kids watch animated children and animals travel underwater and ride a hot-air balloon. A humorous little frog demonstrates some of the activities.

Technically, kids should close their eyes as they relax each part of their body, but at least the first couple of times they watch the video, their eyes will be glued to the mesmerizing imagery on the screen: lillies, mountains, beaches, seabirds flying by, and a pink and white sky will keep their eyes open. A wake-up song concludes the video.

Other features of the DVD include the option for English or Spanish subtitles (note that the DVD's audio is English only), some playful games, and the ability to jump directly to favorite songs.

Parents of young children will love adding this fabulous DVD to their collection. It offers unique and good-for-you relaxation techniques and imagery in a warm, loving, kid-friendly setting. Beautifully done and highly valuable!

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Reviewed: May 2005

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