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Children's Video and DVD Review:

ToddWorld: Hi! I'm Todd

Video - DVD Review: Todd World: Hi! I'm Todd

Based on Todd Parr's books

By Hit Entertainment

Our Recommended Age: Ages 3-up

Our Rating: A

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ToddWorld is a world filled with bright and bold colors, just like the books by the distinctive and celebrated children's author, Todd Parr. As the opening song goes, "it's a wonderful, colorful world" where every day and everyone is "beautiful".

Todd World pictures

Hi! I'm Todd and Todd's Best Friends are the first titles from the new ToddWorld television series. Each features four episodes on VHS and five episodes on DVD. The series is inventive and fresh, featuring the distinctive "look" of the book series from which the shows get their inspiration. If you've enjoyed Todd Parr's books (we have reviews of many of his books on our site), you're sure to enjoy the positive messages, imaginative fantasies, and all-inclusive feeling featured in these episodes.

Just like the books conclude with a special message from Todd, the episodes on the videos feature a nice "wrap-up" in which Todd speaks to kids about what happened in the story. For example, after kids enjoy the story, Todd Builds a Fort, Todd tells them that it's a good thing to listen to other's ideas. 

Todd World pictures

In another episode, Stella's ears are two different colors, and after a bit of struggling with the whole idea, her friends help remind Stella that she's special. Todd is exuberant and a great role model. He's squeaky clean, has typical childhood dilemmas, and says such things as "neat-o mosquito". 

Social Skills/Messages: The shows in ToddWorld are socially responsible and include messages about including everyone, being alone and how that is okay too, what makes us different makes us special, and so forth. In case children didn't "catch on", they'll get the bottom line or motto of each story spelled out for them in Todd's concluding message after the episode.

Best For: Ages 3 to 6.

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For more information, user reviews, or to buy: Todd World:Hi I'm Todd (DVD edition) or Todd World:Hi I'm Todd (VHS edition)

Reviewed: April 2005

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Todd World:Hi I'm Todd (DVD edition) or Todd World:Hi I'm Todd (VHS edition)

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