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Children's Software Review :    My Scene

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My Scene Computer GameThis CD-ROM is very difficult to rate, simply because it is, on one level, quite shallow, and on another, deep. Let us explain: the lingo used in the game is shallow and, at times, questionable. The themes are similar: make-up, talking on the phone, shopping, fashion, boys. However, the activities in the game are quite strong, requiring children to use their brains.

My Scene Barbie dolls appeal to a slightly older crowd of girls. They are certainly more hip and happening, and many girls who were self-proclaimed Barbie dissers, having grown out of them, seem to be attracted to the My Scene line of Barbie dolls.

My Scene PicturesThis CD-ROM features activities that are quite deep, but themes that are superficial. The girls (Barbie, Chelsea, and Madison) are rendered beautifully, in all of their midriff-showing glory. Barbie and Madison are preparing for Chelsea's birthday party, and they need to go shopping. Players need to pay attention to Barbie's shopping list, found on her cell phone. They need to find items like funky jeans, a birthday gift for Chelsea, and party food. None of these items are straightforward to get their hands on. Kids move about the city either on foot or subway, and generally a combination of the two.

Players are required to unscramble word clues, create designs according to rules (such as: "no feather or flower trims" and "include some plain fabric", etc.). Note that players need to read in order to progress through the game. Logical thinking and problem-solving skills are exercised in clever ways.

My Scene PicturesSome parents will raise eyebrows at a few elements of the game. For example, when Barbie is walking around the city, and when players see a "hottie" (a guy), they can click on him to either "kiss" or "diss" him. Players are told that they can choose a hottie on the street, and select "kiss" if they want Barbie to have a crush on him, or "diss" if they think Barbie should give him the cold shoulder. When kids select "kiss", the characters don't actually kiss. The guy simply says something on the lines of, "We'll hang out sometime". 

To sum up, this title is best for children ages 8 and up because of the reading requirement, and perhaps older because of the themes. Our testers thoroughly enjoyed the program, turning to it time and time again. Parents will have to make a judgment call on this one. 


See Also My Scene Goes Hollywood Review -- the latest My Scene software game!


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My Scene   or  My Scene Goes Hollywood

See Also My Scene Goes Hollywood Review -- the latest My Scene software game!

For Win 98/Me/2000/XP By: Vivendi Ages 8-up Published: 2003




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