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Book Review:    What Shall I Draw?

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Books such as this one are wonderful to have on hand in a household with young children. As parents, we usually encourage our kids to let their creative juices flow naturally. No doubt, drawing freeform is one of the most creative activities kids can engage in. However, there comes a time when children enjoy some art instruction. 

This wonderful and handy paperback book provides step-by-step, illustrated instructions for drawing such kid-friendly objects as cats, pigs, cars, birds, pick-up trucks, and submarines. For example, kids can easily draw an adorable pudgy pig, starting by drawing a circle, adding ears, an oval snout, and so forth, with the book's simple format. When they're done, they'll want to attempt a "lying down pig". The process is educational and fun.

If your child can draw simple shapes, and is able to follow step-by-step diagrams, chances are he/she will love this book. Kids as young as 5 and as "old" as 10 can benefit from this oversized paperback. The results are easy to achieve, cute, and satisfying. Highly recommended. See also our review of a similar book, I Can Draw Animals!

This book also comes in a Kid Kit which includes a few art supplies.

Written by Ray Gibson. This paperback is approximately $8 US.

  • Simple art instruction with step-by-step diagrams.
  • Appealing photographs
  • Nice selection of popular international foods.


  • Though the recipes are simple, they require more attention and skill than many children's recipes.

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Published: 2001 By: Usborne Publishing/EDC Ages 5-10  


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Reviewed August 2002   Comments? Email us.

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