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More Screenshots:    Blue's Clues Kindergarten

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The sign-in page involves typing in your name, and then selecting some personalization settings: age, sex, birth date, and personal preferences.  Blue is helping Periwinkle to overcome her worries about going to school -- by playing school at home! Note that the player gets their own cubby and the day real-time day of the week is displayed on the chalkboard. 


Rhyme Time: Kids select a word that rhymes with the given word. 


Tickety gives kids a little tutoring session (sometimes lengthy), and then players must set the clock to the requested time.
Book About Us: This is one page from the book in which kids select a home background and add family member stickers.


Kids add up (and subtract on level 3) items in Peri's collections of objects. Sorting, counting, and adding/subtracting is involved.

This is our favorite activity of the game. Kids learn facts about the different planets (each of them has a smiling face) and then answer related questions.


Here is Jupiter telling kids some facts about itself, including how to spell the name Jupiter.


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Blue's Clues Kindergarten   



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For Win/Mac By: Infogrames  Ages 4-6 Published: 2002


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