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Software Review:    Blue's Clues Kindergarten

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Kids feel special right from the start: at sign-in, they choose from a small selection of pictures to represent themselves, their favorite color, age, birthday, and some personal preferences. After they learn about the story line of the game (Periwinkle is worried about going to school, so Blue is going to play school at home to help her overcome her fear), they have a little cubby with their name on it alongside those belonging to Blue and Periwinkle.

The chalkboard displays the real-time day of the week (for example, "Today is Friday!") along with a list of the activities in the program. Rhyme Time involves finding 4 pairs of rhyming words and then plunking them into a poem. A printable activity is earned once successfully completed. The Book About Us involves placing stamps on pages to depict a birthday celebration, snacktime, favorite animals, and house/family. It has some cute elements, but it is rather limited. 

A math activity is performed in the sandbox along with Shovel and Pail. Kids sort Peri's collections of objects (like keys and toy trucks), count them up, and then add or subtract them, depending on the level. This is a cute activity. Telling Time with Tickety is also quite charming. Tickety tutors children about her long and short hands and gives lessons about telling time to the hour, half hour, and quarter hour (depending on the challenge level selected). 

The standout activity is Super Science. The planets and luminaries are displayed, and each has a smiling face! In Facts mode, kids learn interesting facts about each planet; and in Game mode, children answer questions like "Who is the brightest one?" by selecting a planet. This activity is multi-level and really quite adorable.

Kids earn printable worksheet rewards for their efforts. Of course, at the end of the game, Periwinkle is excited about going to school.

Although the graphics are impressive and the environment is encouraging, there aren't enough activities in the final analysis. We wish there were at least a couple more. The activities in the program are decent, but more of them would have left us considerably more satisfied with the game.

See more screens from the game, with our comments, in the screenshot gallery.

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  • Decent activities overall, some of which are excellent.
  • Warm, bright graphics.
  • Multi-level activities.
  • Nice intuitive design.


  • Not enough activities overall.



For Win/Mac By: Infogrames Ages 4-6 Published: 2002



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Reviewed November 2002
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