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Software Review:    Blue's Clues Preschool

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This new Blue's Clues software features the new host of the show, Joe, and all sorts of familiar characters, like Periwinkle and Purple Kangaroo. 

Miss Marigold tells Blue and her friends that they're going to go on an adventure through the neighborhood. They need to visit 5 different places--like the grocery store and bakery--in order to collect an equal number of special items.

At each place, children play an activity that aims to teach them basic academic concepts. There are three difficulty levels for each game. Pictured here is the "present store" (kid talk for "gift shop") where customers come in and out looking for presents. Each has a certain amount of "Blue dollars" to spend--and each customer wants to spend all of their money. Once complete, kids earn a special item -- in this case, a number -- to bring back to Miss Marigold. 

Once all items have been earned, kids return to the classroom where Miss Marigold rewards them with a mural that contains all five items they've collected.

This program is pleasant and filled with the latest characters--and the latest host--from the show. The activities are fine, but not especially exciting. One of the pluses of the program is the addition of personal touches--the program uses the information it has collected from children during sign-in at different points in the game. For example, the child's initial tops the cake at the bakery, their favorite song plays in the background, and Periwinkle notes the child's favorite color in the game at the bakery. 


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  • The latest characters from the show are accounted for.
  • Moderately engaging activities will please some Blue's Clues fans.
  • Personal touches.


  • Sometimes slow-moving when the characters are chatting.



For Windows/Mac By: Infogrames  Ages 3-4 Published: 2002




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