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It's a special day at school. Miss Marigold explains that she needs items from around the neighborhood for a surprise. Kids will need to visit various stores and the library in order to collect these items.


Joe is around as children decide which place to send Blue. Will it be the bakery, grocery store, music store, library, or the present store?
As kids wait for Bowl and Spatula to serve them at the bakery, they pass the time by finding specific "treat" shapes requested by Periwinkle.


At the music store, kids help Blue copy the patterns of sounds that Purple Kangaroo is playing on her musical instruments.
Children "shop" for fruits, vegetables, and other groceries at the grocery store. They are helping Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper.


Kids help customers find and purchase presents, according to how many "Blue dollars" they have to spend.

At the library, children "organize" the books on the shelf according to letter of the alphabet.

Congratulations are in order when children have found all of the special items for their mural!


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For Windows/Mac By: Infogrames  Ages 3-4 Published: 2002

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