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Children's Software Review:    Bob the Builder: Bob Builds a Park

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Kids are helping Bob and his friends build a park, and there are plenty of activities to do before the park opens. For one, kids can "design" a park, complete with a bandstand, pond, and things like shrubs and park benches. For another, players help Mr. Ellis build three dinosaur models in a puzzle activity. There are 10 activities altogether, and the final one (the Firework Finale) needs to be unlocked by participating in all of the other activities in the game.

Each activity opens with instructions and many of them have three difficulty levels to choose from. Once complete, kids are treated to a 3D animation--for example, when kids have helped Farmer Pickles round up animals on the farm (they lure them to their homes with pet food), Farmer Pickles and his dog congratulate kids. Bob's Band is a weaker activity--it involves placing "noisy bricks" onto a brick wall. It opens with the cheer, "Can we play it?" Bob's Hole in One is a golf activity that is a little challenging for kids in the target age group. However, Lofty's Squirrel Run is a nice little exercise in logical thinking--kids need to place logs and pipes in order to build a squirrel run and they must judge which variations make the most sense. 

The Firework Finale game opens with a lengthy narration about firework safety, including the spelling out of URLs for websites about fire safety. This was a little odd--while firework safety is something kids should know about, the urls for websites were too much. 

Overall, the graphics are lovely and the activities are a mixed bag -- some very cute and others mediocre. Fans of the show should enjoy the game, however. 

See more screens from the game and our comments in our screenshot gallery.

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  • Fun graphics.
  • Features some replayable activities.
  • Nice variety of activities and game options.


  • Some activities are uninspired.

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