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More Screenshots:    Bob the Builder: Bob Builds a Park

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This is the main screen of the program. Kids click on any of the areas (except the Firework Finale--that's for the end) in order to launch one or more activities. In this design-a-park activity, kids add a bandstand, pond, various flowers and shrubs, and more, and then view their park in the summer...


...and in the winter!


This cute activity involves luring groups of animals (sheep, ducks, puppies, etc.) into the correct places with bags of food.


Farmer Pickles congratulates children for helping him round up the escaped animals.


Children select different pipes and logs in order to fix the squirrel run.



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Bob the Builder: Bob Builds a Park  



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For Windows/Mac By: Disney Interactive  Ages 3-6 Published: 2002


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Reviewed December 2002

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Amazon's Holiday Toy List

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