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Children's Software Review:    Playhouse Disney Book of Pooh: A Story Without A Tail

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Although graphically rich and rather original, this title has a few flaws worth noting. For one, it might just as well have been called "A Story Without a Tale" because kids seem to endlessly follow the residents of Hundred Acre Wood around looking for Eeyore's tail. There didn't seem to be a resolution. For another, kids do a lot of waiting. Patient children who enjoy following a story might persevere, and tapping the spacebar helps to interrupt some of the dialogue, but even then it is long-winded. 

Besides these complaints, this program stays very true to the Book of Pooh television series. The graphics are gorgeous and some of the games are quite original. There is little here to challenge children beyond preschoolers, yet some preschoolers will get frustrated with the inability to click through lengthy sequences. 

One of the better games in the program is the one hosted by Kessie. She is singing songs but is having trouble finishing them off. Pooh, Tigger, and Eeyore each think up an ending and kids need to choose which friend's idea makes the most sense. Rhyming words and context clues provide the tips, and the characters actually step forward and sing the ending! It's a very cute game. 

There are other charming elements to the game. Pooh, for example, makes relevant comments about the objects kids have recently collected in the boat game. Mr. Narrator is around to add his, well, narration--this keeps the game feeling like a story. Encouraging words are spoken throughout and friendship themes are strong and responsible. 

We really want to like the game because it has such interesting graphics and nice themes. But the flaws noted above detract from enjoyment for many kids. Still, children who love the Book of Pooh series and who are willing to sit through some narration will have a good time with the game.

See more screenshots and comments in our screenshot gallery of the game.

  • Charming graphics and manageable activities for young preschoolers.
  • Some of the activities are quite original.


  • Sign-in feature is missing.
  • Narration is difficult to interrupt and long-winded.




For Win/Mac By: Disney Interactive  Ages 3-5 Published: 2002






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