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More Screenshots:    The Book of Pooh: A Story Without a Tail (Playhouse Disney)

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Well, Eeyore has lost his tail and his friends in the Hundred Acre Wood want to help him find it. The above is a screen from the introduction of the story line of the game.  Once the video introduction is finished, the characters wait for kids to click on one of them in order to launch an activity. 


Clicking on Piglet will bring kids to a storybook activity. This one is very cute! There are 12 stories altogether and each one requires players to click on a sticker so that it will appear in the picture, after which the story is told.


Players follow Pooh and Eeyore to the river for a pleasant, if a little repetitive, game that involves guiding Pooh's toy boat towards objects and collecting the objects' first letter.
Rabbit and Owl are in charge of a baking activity. Kids follow Owl's instructions for a baked treat and place the correct measures of ingredients into the bowl...


...and then decorate the cookie (or other treat) with assorted items.

This game is quite delightful. Kessie the bird sings a song without an ending, and kids need to choose the character who is thinking of the best possible ending of the song.


Tigger bounces in the apple tree, sending letter-labeled letters down to Piglet, who is holding a basket.


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For Windows/Mac By: Disney Interactive  Ages 3-5 Published: 2002


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