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Rabbit needs help making the Really Large Soup. Piglet is around to help out. He will help find all of the ingredients Rabbit needs.  Tigger is busy bouncing, trying to get a closer look at a bee hive. He wants to get honey from the hive, but doesn't have a container to hold the honey in. 


On his way to get the milk he needs from Kanga and Roo, Piglet needs to cross a stream by hopping on rocks and floating lily pads at just the right time.


Kanga and Roo are not at home, but they've left their contribution to the soup behind. Note that this screen shows text -- users can choose whether or not they require text onscreen. 
Piglet needs to cross a stream to get to Eeyore's place. Perhaps that plank will come in handy elsewhere in the program?


Winnie the Pooh has dug a trap for the Heffalumps, but is stumped about how he will get back into his home.

Once Piglet has found a container, Tigger can get honey from the bee hive.


Owl needs some help--players need to find his misplaced key to his home.

Once all the ingredients for the soup have been found, it's time to have a party.


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For Windows By: Disney Interactive  Ages 3-6 Published: 2003


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