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Children's Software Review:    Disney/Pixar Finding Nemo

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There have been two software games released that are based on Disney/Pixar's feature film, Finding Nemo, and we are happy to report that both are really quite good. The program for this review is simply titled Finding Nemo and is published by THQ. 

This CD-ROM transports children on a fun underwater adventure that closely follows the movie story line. In the movie, after Nemo and his father, Marlin, are separated, viewers watch both Nemo's adventure in a fish tank and Marlin's adventure with Dory as they attempt to find the little clownfish. Well, this CD-ROM lets kids do the same thing. They can skip from helping Nemo gain "friendship totems" from the different (and colorful!) members of the fish tank to helping the funny pair (Marlin and Dory, pictured above) get to Sydney Harbor...and to Nemo.

There is a little of everything in this game: The tank adventure plays somewhat like an activity center, while the adventure with Marlin (Nemo's father) and Dory (the forgetful blue fish) plays somewhat like a scavenger hunt wherein players need to find certain objects, store them in their inventory, and use them at different points in the adventure. Once Nemo and Marlin are reunited, there are more games to play.

The activities are quite strong, and there are quite a few of them. Kids get to surf the current atop Crush, the "surfer dude" turtle who helps Marlin and Dory on their way. They help Nemo practice swimming, and solve puzzles such as the gear puzzle pictured below left. Kids work with colors and patterns as they solve the problems in the game. 

As is apparent from the screenshots here, the graphics are wonderful and truly mesmerizing. Whether or not kids have seen the movie, they will likely enjoy this sweet adventure game. Movie clips help move the story along, and they perfectly add context to each new challenge in the game. Plus, kids can view the movie clips at any time in the program's gallery. Once the games have been "opened up", kids can return to any game they choose independently of the adventure. 

This CD-ROM is perhaps best for children ages 7-9. The other title, Finding Nemo: Nemo's Underwater World of Fun, is best for kids ages 5-8.


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  • Large content.
  • Imaginative story that closely follows the movie's plot.
  • Strong graphics and interface.
  • Video clips from the movie will keep kids happy before the film is released on video and DVD.


  • Although the program contains some educational elements, it's more for fun than learning.

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