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Children's Software Review:    Disney Princess Collection

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CD-ROM Review: Disney Princess Collection

For Windows 98/Me/XP

By Disney Interactive

Released: 2004

Reviewed: April 2004

Our Recommended Age: 4-8

Our Rating: A





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Three previously released CD-ROMs are included in a bundle from Disney Interactive: Disney Princess Collection. One of the titles is too clunky to be fun, but the other two games are worth at least a few plays each. 


In Cinderella's Dollhouse (see our review), kids play interior decorator. The Fairy Godmother has turned players into princesses. Kids fill the different rooms of the "dollhouse" with animated stickers and characters who engage in short conversations with each other.


The graphics of this game are sophisticated and appealing. This program is excellent for children who enjoy open-ended play. Children who prefer a story line or adventure will find this game wanting. 


Disney Princess Magical Dress-Up (see our review) is another free-play creativity software that involves creating a Princess Model from variables such as body types, skin colors, hair colors, and facial features. (Parents can import a child's own photo, if desired, so that the child's face appears on the Princess Model - slightly tricky to do!). Once selected, children choose a Princess guide (Ariel, Jasmine, or Belle) and play the program's activities. They earn fabric and designs as they play. Players search for clues, create picture stories, and more.


The third title, Cinderella's Castle Designer, involves decorating five different magical castles. Once understood, this program has some merits, but we found it rather clunky to use. Our kid testers were not impressed with this game. 


This bundle is best for children who enjoy open-ended activities. These are not adventure games, nor are they explicitly educational. 




  • Open-ended creativity activities.
  • Pretty graphics.
  • Good for children who love to use their imagination and design. 
  • Economical bundle.

  • Not very educational.
  • One of the three games is difficult to use.




Our Rating:




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Reviewed April 2004





















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