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More Screenshots:    Stanley: Wild for Sharks! (Playhouse Disney)

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Stanley needs to prepare for a visit from his friend. He's doing a shark project with him and he needs to find his shark tooth, animal cards, and assemble his shark model. Kids start out in Stanley's bedroom where they click around and learn assorted interesting facts and play arcade-style games.


This is one of the arcade games found in Stanley's room. Children listen to dolphin sounds and repeat the pattern they hear for points. When they've completed all the games in the bedroom, they can travel through the house.


Kids find an animal card in the front lawn (well, actually over the fence in the back yard). These cards are found throughout the house and allows them to access the games in the bathroom.
This program has so many wonderful "clickables" that teach a myriad of concepts. After kids have clicked on the armchair a few times and stars appear, they are asked how many stars they found in this pop-up.


Now that all of the animal cards have been found, Stanley and Dennis (his intellectual goldfish friend) deduce where they should go to find the shark tooth.

Off to the bathroom! There are games to play here (and a shark tooth to find).


Here's one of the games kids play in the bathroom.


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Disney Preschool Bundle (Pooh Pre-School, Mickey Pre-School, and Stanley Wild for Sharks)  



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For Windows/Mac By: Disney Interactive  Ages 3-6 Published: 2002








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Amazon's Holiday Toy List

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