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Children's Software Review:    Playhouse Disney: Stanley Wild for Sharks!

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Stanley, the imaginative animal-loving animated boy who stars in the Playhouse Disney television series, is getting ready for a shark project for school. Before his friend, Lester, comes over, Stanley must find his missing shark tooth and animal cards. He also needs to put his shark model back together again. This CD-ROM allows kids to direct Stanley through a fun-filled facts-packed adventure. It's bright, cheerful, and wildly responsible. Fans and their parents will love it.

Dennis is Stanley's faithful companion. That he is a goldfish doesn't mean he's not a big help. In fact, he is a brainy little fellow. Dennis offers tons of facts about animals throughout the adventure. Besides that, every now and again he reminds the very imaginative Stanley of reality. Stanley easily sees a turtle's back in a mere wastepaper basket, for instance. His flights of fancy are fun for kids to watch! 

What we have here is a very imaginative and original game. Not only are there fun arcade-style games to play, the program is loaded with creative "clickables" that teach early learning concepts (such as under/over, time of day, and so forth) and animal facts. Little pop-up quizzes often result after multiple clicks on a hotspot. These are innovative as well! Clicking a picture on the wall prompts the pelican to make a happy, then angry, then goofy face just for fun; the bathroom tiles are musical; and a can on the ground goes into the recycling bin. When kids click on a skateboard that is left (quite dangerously) at the bottom of the stairs, they are reminded of the safety hazard and Stanley quickly picks it up and out of the way. A parade of letters in alphabetic order emerges from the closet in the hall too. 

This is a fun and creative game that kids will love. They'll learn all sorts of animal tidbits, reinforce a few early learning concepts, and enjoy a few manageable games at the same time. 

See more screens from the game and our comments in our screenshot gallery.

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This title is now available in a bundle along with 2 other full CD-ROMs:

Disney Preschool Bundle (Pooh Pre-School, Mickey Pre-School, and Stanley Wild for Sharks)  

  • Innovative content.
  • Imaginative story and activities.
  • A good blend of educational and entertaining elements.
  • Bright and fun graphics and pleasant interface.


  • Perhaps a little too heavy on arcade-style games for some families' tastes.

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Published: 2002 By: Disney Interactive Ages 3-6 Win/Mac


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This title is now available in a bundle along with 2 other full CD-ROMs:

Disney Preschool Bundle (Pooh Pre-School, Mickey Pre-School, and Stanley Wild for Sharks)  


Reviewed November 2002   Comments? Email us.

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