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Software Review:    Dora the Explorer Lost City Adventure

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Kids put their name on their treasure chest, choose a way to play the game, and they're off exploring with Dora and Boots, Dora's faithful monkey sidekick. Dora the Explorer Lost City Adventure is an adventure in early math and thinking skills.

In Adventure Mode (the best way to play), kids learn that Dora's teddy bear (osito) is lost. Swiper tells them all about the Lost City where they can find missing items. First, kids do a paint-by-number activity in order to paint a picture of Dora's missing teddy bear (this will help them find him later). They call on the Map for help ("I'm the Map, I'm the Map, I'm the Map!") and repeat the chant, "pond, pyramid, Lost City!", for easy recall. In the screenshot pictured above right, children are introduced to the stars -- throughout the game the stars pop up and kids can click on them to collect them in Backpack. 

Kids meet up with different characters who need help, and each of them have a picture of a lost item for Dora and Boots to find once they arrive at the Lost City.

First up, it's Pirate Pig who will help kids get across the Big Pond. They need to put the Pirate Piggies in line first, and this requires counting them and matching numbers. Then Mommy Bug-a-Bugga needs help getting her babies back into her long buggy (see screenshot at left). Kids need to match numbers and place the bugs in numerical order. Then it's time to work their way through and up the Number Pyramid. More work with numbers is involved as kids catch jewels.

At the Lost City, kids find the lost items including, of course, Dora's Osito. The program ends with a "We Did It!" song and a few storyline wrap-ups.  

Spanish words and phrases are used throughout the program, although English predominates. The game is really fun for preschoolers, but it is too short! If only there was one or two more activities...

See more pictures from the game, along with our notes, in the screenshot gallery.


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  • Excellent, age-appropriate activities.
  • True to the Dora TV show.
  • Educational activities are both charming and fun.


  • Too short -- it would benefit from more activities.



For Win/Mac By: Infogrames Ages 3-6 Published: 2002



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