Video/DVD Review:    Little People Friendship Collection

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Children's Video/DVD Review: Little People Friendship Collection


Released: April 2004

Reviewed: April 2004

Our Recommended Age: 2-5

Our Rating: A+






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Top Pick. Most toddlers instantly recognize the chunky Little People characters, and now they come "alive" with fascinating claymation in a new line of videos and DVDs. The first volume, entitled Little People Friendship Collection, serves as an introduction to the Little People characters, with themes revolving around the importance of friendship through 10 mini-episodes, each approximately 5 minutes long. 


The first half of the DVD focuses on how the Little People became friends. The friends recall when Freddie first met his frog pal, Eddie. Freddie was wishing he had a dog of his own (his twin sister Sara Lynn has a dog named Lucky). Another episode recalls when the energetic leader Maggie first moved into the neighborhood, and how it took some time for her to feel like she fit in; while another short features the difficulties that the Little People faced trying to get to know the somewhat shy Sonya Lee. Inventive Michael has some special abilities, and wonders how he will fit in with the group; and the final episode tells the story of Farmer Jed who wasn’t always a farmer! Through this first set of episodes, children are introduced to the unique characters of the Little People.


The second half of the video features 5 episodes about discovering friendship. A bicycle parade, Sonya Lee’s butterfly friend, cheering up Smiley the Clown, a disappearing soccer ball, and Sara's desire for real pony friends are story lines that provide a springboard for exploring friendship and sharing. 


The clay animation is sharp, with vibrant colors and lush environments – plenty of eye candy for preschoolers! While toddlers will certainly find the graphics appealing, the social themes are especially appropriate for preschoolers who are just discovering their own friends. 


A friendly narrator helps reinforce some of the underlying messages of the stories, which include such values as pitching in and working as a team and learning that helping friends not only makes them happy, it also feels good. 

Designed with the target audience in mind, this video features simple, easy-to-follow story lines as well as fun characters and settings. 

The second volume in the series is Little People - Creativity Collection.



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Reviewed April 2004
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