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Video/DVD Review:   Zen Baby

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Children's Video/DVD Review: Zen Baby

Zen Baby

Released: 2002

Reviewed: December 2004

Our Recommended Age: Newborn to Toddler

Our Rating: A+






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Top Pick. Zen Baby is a DVD/video that is as relaxing as its name suggests. Peaceful scenery accompanied by gentle music takes little viewers from sunrise to sunset. 


This video is divided into chapters, although everything flows smoothly and evenly. There's nothing here to jar, confuse, or upset little ones. Each live-action scene flows into the next fluidly, as can be seen in the screens below:



Zen Baby begins with a segment entitled "Good Morning, Baby", and moves on to "Look Up", in which the sky is one of the scenes, "Look Down", including scenes of flowers and plants, and "Look All Around". 


"Look Closer" offers little viewers close-up views of familiar things in baby's world, such as an ant crawling on a flower's petal. The "Let's Play" vignette features such delightful things as an irresistible big red ball, a puppy at play, a baby bopping around with colorful balloons, and spinning pinwheels. Next up is "Touch and Feel", in which babies reach out and explore flowers, leaves, sand, and even their own toes in a hands-on manner. 


The "Grow" and "Colors, Colors Everywhere" vignettes celebrate life and colors, respectively. "Listen" features chimes, the wind blowing trees, rain, and other lovely sounds of nature; and the final segment, "It's the End of the Day", features winding-down themes.


The scenes in Zen Baby are truly gorgeous, and the music lusciously soothing. This gentle video will delight the senses, never dull them. There is nothing over-stimulating to be found in the video's inspiring scenes of nature, cameos of infants and toddlers, and original soundtrack featuring piano and guitar. This video is best for naptime or bedtime, and will smooth the ruffled feathers of parents, too!




Our Rating:




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Reviewed December 2004
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