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Video/DVD Review:    Little Laureate's: For the Love of Art

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Children's Video/DVD Review: Little Laureate's For the Love of Art

Baby Laureate Inc.

Released: 2003

Reviewed: February 2004

Our Recommended Age: 1-6

Our Rating: A+












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Top Pick. For the "refined" baby, here's a beautifully produced video and DVD offering that will not only engage little ones, it will appeal to the sensibilities of parents. Stunning works of art, cute animations, live-action video, and a fully orchestrated soundtrack are packed into 30 minutes of For the Love of Art, and the production is truly magnificent.


The production quality of this video/DVD is superior, and the choreography and scene selection are superb. After dramatic live-action footage of rolling, crashing waves, for example, the painting, Awa Province, Naruto Rapids by Utagawa Hiroshige gradually fills in. From there, other water-themed art and scenes appear featuring such things as boats and docks, until a goldfish swims into the colorful scene of the stunning painting, Goldfish by Peter Cunningham (pictured at left). This prompts live-action footage of fish underwater, more artwork such as Henri Matisseís Goldfish, which naturally moves to Monetís Water Lillies. This, in turn, prompts a series of flower-themed art. Thus, the segments entitled The Power of the Sea, Underwater, and Flowers transition smoothly into one another. Everything flows beautifully, and the choreography is outstanding, making this production a true treat for the senses. 


Instead of presenting a slideshow of static images of artwork, For the Love of Art offers intriguing scenes in which the paintings come alive in sync with classical music. For example, the petals of a vibrant red rose slowly fall into place, like a puzzle, and become Salvador Daliís Meditative Rose; and tender depictions of love scenes, such as The First Kiss, da Vinciís Virgin and Child with St. Anne, and The Bath, are revealed with Beethovenís Fur Elise as the musical backdrop.


"Star", an animated yellow star character, appears from time to time, and segments featuring real children painting pictures and talking about imagination are included. For example, Star moves fast and slow, then spins around, opening up a segment about Movement. 


The DVD edition allows families to play the art scenes or animated star scenes separately, or to jump quickly to favorite chapters.


The pace of For the Love of Art is smooth and unhurried, so it may not be the best choice for restless toddlers and babies. However, this gentle introduction to the world of art and music will inspire the whole family.


Also available by Baby Laureate Inc.: Baby Laureate's For the Love of World Travel


Our Rating:




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Reviewed February 2004
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Buy: Baby Laureate's For the Love of Art (VHS) or Baby Laureate's For the Love of Art (DVD) 

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