Video/DVD Review:    Baby Newton: All About Shapes (A Baby Einstein Video)

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Exactly how you respond to this video/DVD might depend a little on how familiar you are with the Baby Einstein series. Why? Because in comparison to its predecessors, Baby Newton feels somewhat commercialized. Computer animation makes its debut in the series, as well as a shapes ditty that clearly strays from the series' focus on classical music. 

Some parents will be surprised and irritated, but how well the adults adapt to changes in the series' format may take second stage to how children react to the video. It is really quite mesmerizing, and probably contains the  most practical educational value of the whole series. If children are able to walk yet, they are most likely to walk away from the video having learned to associate geometric shapes with common everyday objects. 

There's a rather funky number ("I Know My Shapes!") starring some happy-faced animated crayons. The classical music used on this video is especially lively and rousing. Circles are demonstrated with a basketball going through a hoop, a sunflower, drops in the water, green peas, rolling oranges -- all very creatively presented in slow motion. The "square" segment begins with a Baby Newton puppet sequence, a jack in the box, and some funny ducks demonstrate an oval.

Parents who object to a slightly more commercialized approach in a baby video might want to pass on Baby Newton. It might be comforting to note that videos released in the series after Baby Newton returned to the tried-and-true format for the most. So Baby Newton seems, in retrospect, a bit of a sore thumb. But it should be noted that now we know the series didn't take a permanent commercialized turn, there is really nothing left to scream about. For those parents open to trying pretty much anything in the designed-for-babies world of videos/DVDs, Baby Newton is a well-made, "edutaining" piece certainly worth a try. We actually love it.

The DVD edition features a "play once" or "repeat play" option.


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VHS/DVD Released 2002, Walt Disney Company Ages 9-36 months  



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There's a CD-ROM released by Disney Interactive based on this video!!

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