Video/DVD Review:    Baby Neptune (A Baby Einstein Video)

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Top Pick. This designed-for-babies video from the Baby Einstein series is a celebration of water--and it's as mesmerizing as an aquarium. Baby Neptune explores water in nature--from ponds to oceans--and water "at my house" (the garden hose and the bath) through live-action scenes, toys in action, and cute puppets, including a friendly plush octopus puppet.

To be perfectly honest, when I first saw the video, I thought the people at Baby Einstein were stretching to find a new topic for their line of videos. I was pleasantly surprised, however, at how fun this video is. Don't get me wrong--I like most of the videos in the Baby Einstein series. (Some of our favorites are Baby Van Gogh and Baby Beethoven: Symphony of Fun). It was the subject of "water" that had me skeptical. However, Baby Neptune is just as "flowing" and appealing as the other titles in the series.

One of the narrators in the video says, "Water is all around us", and Baby Neptune effectively delivers that message. Plenty of opportunities for exploration of basic concepts are present as well. When the video is used as it is intended (as a parent-child interactive experience), it presents opportunities to talk about colors and new vocabulary words. Kid-friendly renditions of songs from Beethoven, Handel, Strauss, and Telemann ("Water Music"!) make up most of the audio track--it's largely wordless. This is a cute video offering with plenty of replay value.


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VHS/DVD Released 2003, Walt Disney Company Ages 9-36 months  



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