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The concepts of colors and shapes are common curriculum found in products targeted at the very young, but this new video offering teaches them in a completely unique way. Brainy Baby Art explores colors (shades, warm and cool colors, primary and secondary colors, etc.), textures (slippery paint, rough sandpaper), shapes (squiggly lines, basic shapes, etc.), and a wonderful variety of other art concepts. Young viewers are even introduced to famous works of art. What do different objects, like a pineapple, feel like? How many warm colors are in the painting? What kinds of lines are found in a rainbow? 

Kids look for sunshine and shadows in a famous painting, explore Renoir's Girl With Watering Can, look for different types of lines in Van Gogh's Starry Night, learn about different art mediums (like crayons, markers, chalk, clay, and so forth), and explore mosaics. Patterns and symmetry, lines, color mixing (blue and yellow make green), spirals...too complex for little ones? Perhaps some concepts, but this video wisely doesn't underestimate a young mind's ability to absorb concepts that we, as adults, might consider too complicated. Very clear and warm narration is featured, lively songs, and plenty of live-action video helps demonstrate the concepts taught. This video is extremely clever!


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VHS/DVD Released 2003 Ages 9-36 months  



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