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Software Review:    Fisher Price Little People Discovery Airport

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Preschoolers will thoroughly enjoy this all-new title featuring the lovable Little People toys by Fisher Price. In fact, the Little People are even more lovable than ever in this game that shows them in vibrant color 3D. Maggie, Sonia Lee, Eddie, and more are here to entertain (and educate, a little) young kids as they develop mouse skills. 

Designed for children ages 2-4, this program requires mouse skills, or the help of a parent, for kids on the younger end of the recommended age group. No doubt about it, they'll want to play the program's five activities. That may be motivation enough to learn how to use the mouse. The activities are cute and thoughtful. Children will enjoy a pet activity with Sonia Lee, who is in charge of placing pets in pet carriers before boarding them onto the plane. The pets are adorable, and children exercise number recognition skills as they play.

On an educational front, numbers, counting, and sorting skills are emphasized. 

Be sure to see more screenshots from the game in our screenshot gallery.

  • Gorgeous graphics
  • Satisfying airport action.
  • Has some educational value.
  • Preschoolers will play this program for hours.


  • Toddlers will need help - the program requires fairly accurate mouse control.



For Win/Mac By: Knowledge Adventure Ages 2-4 Published: 2002



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