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More Screenshots:    Fisher Price Little People Discovery Airport

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Welcome to the Fisher Price Little People Discovery Airport, based on the popular preschool toy! Pilot Paula needs some help. Children take on the role of helpers.


This program has beautiful graphics. Each character from the Fisher Price Little People toy series is shown in colorful 3D. Really eye-catching for little ones!
This is one of the most appealing activities in the program. Kids sort pets into their pet carriers by identifying and matching numbers. Cute!


After placing a few pets in the correct carriers, kids get to feed the pets snacks. As they move the snacks to the pets' mouths, the snacks are counted and tallied.
On the highest level in this pet activity, children are given audio clues for identifying numbers.


Where will Maggie fly to today? Kids select the weather for her destination, then steer the plane through a maze of clouds. A picture postcard of the destination can then be colored with paints.
Eddy is in the control tower, and he needs help deciding which planes will take off next. 


When children have played all 5 activities, printable "fun pages" are opened up. Of course, they are free to continue playing the activities.


For more information and/or to buy, follow this link: 

Fisher-Price Little People Airport  



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For Windows/Mac By: Knowledge Adventure  Ages 2-4 Published: 2002


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