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Children's Software Review:    Flash Action Phonics Made Easy

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This title is so fresh. Children will have a great time working through the electronic "flashcards" in Flash Action: Phonics Made Easy. Ideal for first and second-graders, this easy to use software brings phonics alive with color, smart exercises, and unique games. The price is right too!

Children work through 4 categories, each including a number of exercises. Phonics sounds, long and short vowels, word families (rhyming words), and blends/digraphs are the main areas of "study". Exceptionally clear instructions and narration are a highlight of the program, and inviting graphics draw children in. Four games can be unlocked once children have completed the required number of worksheets in each learning category. The games are decidedly unique open-ended activities that allow children to "play" with phonics concepts. 

This title is just right for summer time reinforcement of phonics basics, and excellent as a supplement to school learning throughout the year. 

See more screenshots and notes from the game in our screenshot gallery.

[For more information, user reviews, or to buy: Flash Action Phonics Made Easy]

  • Fresh graphics and games.
  • Easy to use.
  • Holds tremendous appeal as it helps children practice basic phonics.


  • Only one activity was somewhat difficult to understand -- children need to discriminate between blends and digraphs and children in the target age group had some trouble doing so. 




For Win/Mac By: School Zone Interactive  Ages 6-8 Published: 2003


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Reviewed July 2003                                                                                            Comments? Email us.

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