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Kids work with word families. Here, children must think of another word in the "ook" family and type in a letter to complete that word.  Another fill-in-the-blanks style exercise, this time with blends. Note the tabs on the left hand side of the screen--there are four categories of exercises, and each one has an associated free-play game.


Kids match letter blends with pictures of images that start with that blend. They pull a line from the letters to the images. 


In this "bonus question", kids need to color in the letters of the words to identify whether they are digraphs, long vowel sounds, short vowel sounds, or beginning sounds.


This is one of the free-play games in which kids can actually "play" with blends using a variety of art tools.


This is another game that involves building silly sentences and watching them animate.



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For Windows/Mac By: School Zone Interactive  Ages 6-8 Published: 2003



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