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Software Review:    I Spy Treasure Hunt

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I Spy Treasure Hunt makes an ideal gift--it's fun and absorbing, and parents will agree that all the time their kids spend with the game will be time well spent. 

Based on the exceptional I Spy books, this program takes kids on treasure hunts--there are three altogether. They must collect pieces of a map by solving 20 I Spy riddle screens, assemble the map, and then follow a pirate's directions in order to find the hidden treasure. The program is exceptionally designed and really quite educational.

I Spy Treasure Hunt contains a total of 20 detailed scenes that each present a challenge in the form of a riddle. These challenges can be solved by listening to, or reading, clever riddles that ask kids to find objects on the screen for example, "I spy two earrings, a worm back in place; Seven insects, what's used to erase?" One especially fun scene can be found at the top of an old fort. Children use a pair of virtual binoculars to examine the town more closely and search for items in the scene.

The I Spy riddle screens can be found by exploring Smuggler's Cove. Players scroll to the left and right to move through the town, discovering hotspots and riddles. Kids find challenges in a lighthouse, a museum, general store, ice cream shop, and more. No matter where kids go in the program, they'll find graphics that are lush and appealing.

Every time players complete a riddle screen, they earn a piece of a map. This piece had been hiding on the screen all along, and yet another riddle will give a clue to its location, whether it's in a bird's beak or under a spider. The program features three different maps, each with a unique treasure hunt. One map takes the form of a rebus puzzle kids must decode a message in order to find the treasure. Though the 20 I Spy pictures are the same for each hunt, the riddles themselves are different. This means there is a new set of items to find, though some objects are repeated.

Once all 20 pieces of a map are earned and the map is pieced together, the hunt for treasure begins! The multi-step hunts are wonderful rewards for kids' efforts.


For Win/Mac By: Scholastic  Ages 7-10 Published: 2001



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