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Justin's Favorite Games

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Justin, a 12-year-old kid tester, lists his favorite games -- and the reasons why he loves them -- on this page. These include games for the PC, video games (Game Cube, GameBoy Advance), and online kids' games. He updates this list every so often, so be sure to come back and get his latest recommendations.



Animal Crossing for GameCube

This game is fun for almost any age. What you do is you are assigned a character who you name, and you live in a town. You start off with a small home that you have to pay off by working for a shop owner named Tom Nook. You meet other animals and talk to them. It's really fun because after you set the clock and date, your characters live in real time. There are special events on different days. Just for fun, I changed the clock to a later date and explored. But my house was full of cockroaches and bats, and there were weeds all over the town, so I set it back to the current date. The good thing was that I could keep any item that I got in the future and bring it back to the present. You fish, catch bugs, dig holes, and cut down trees. Digging in certain areas can give you special items like fossils and gyroids. My character, who I named Terry, has a house that is now almost 4 or 5 times the size the house he started with. He has a basement now too. I just recently got the GameCube-GameBoy Advance link cable, and it adds some new features to the game. I can now get better patterns and pattern-making tools for my character (you use the patterns on your character's clothes), and Terry can now go to a special island.

EdutainingKids review of the game can be found here.


Buy Animal Crossing for the GameCube at

3D Ultra Lionel Train Town Deluxe (for the PC)

This is one of my favorite games for the computer. I can get lost in this game for a long time! You have to do jobs by moving your train around all sorts of wild tracks in weird towns. They are called jobs but this is not work. It's challenging but it is very fun. Sometimes, you have to solve logic puzzles or word or math puzzles. Other times you have to save the planet from aliens. You get to build your own tracks for your train too. I've had this game for awhile, but I still love it a lot.

Buy Traintown Deluxe for the PC at




kimistin49576 got their NeoPet at
NeoPets -- Web Site

This web site takes up tons of my time. I just cannot stop playing this. Why? Because it is so involving and fun with dozens of games to play, a variety of things to do, and virtual pets to take care of! 

You learn a little about money when you play this game because you have to earn money (NeoPoints) in games before you can buy food, toys, homes, etc. for your pets. Of course, when you first sign up, you are given some currency to start with. You can create a shop to sell some of your goods to people who play the NeoPets game from all over the world. I have, to date, earned over 2000 NeoPoints with my shop. 

If you want to go to the site, click on any of these two images here (these are just two of the neopets that I take care of), or click on the banner at the bottom of this page. You will need to sign in (it's free!) and create an account. Then, start taking care of your NeoPets. 

This is such an addictive game. There is nothing more awesome than this when you consider it is absolutely free.  

See our article about Neopets here 
 Neopets voice-activated toy review here.



Zoombinis Mountain Rescue 

I first started playing The Logical Journey of the Zoombins original game when I was 7. Although I hadn't played it for a while, recently I picked up playing it again. This game is great. You have to design little blue creatures called Zoombinis, then lead your bands of Zoombinis to freedom. You have to think about how you can get them past all the challenges, and it gets harder the more you play. I even had a Zoombinis birthday party when I was 8 because I loved them so much.

This new game is amazing. It has great 3D graphics and new activities. My favorite activity is Chez Norf, which is a restaurant. You have to serve the Norfs the right combinations of food on trays, but you don't know exactly what they want. They only give you clues instead of telling you what they want to eat. 

See's review of Zoombins Mountain Rescue.

Buy Zoombinis Mountain Rescue at or a better deal: the bundle (which includes both Zoombinis Logical Journey and the second title, Mountain Rescue) Zoombinis Mini 2 Pack



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