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Software Review:    Kelly Club

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Barbie's little sister Kelly is popular with preschool and Kindergarten-age kids. Needless to say, little Kelly fans will be thrilled to "play with" the doll onscreen. In this title, children join Kelly and her clubhouse friends for creative and free-play fun on the computer.

Children go on mini-adventures, such as a Jungle River Adventure, in which children return lost baby animals to their mothers--after dressing up the dolls in jungle attire, of course. This activity takes the form of a maze through a river. Clicking on the sandbox will transport kids into Tommy's imaginary world where he is pretending to be a knight. Other activities have kids coaxing a shy unicorn out of hiding, decorating a cake for a tea party, and steering the dolls in a toboggan in order to collect items to decorate a snowman.

Each activity involves some form of dress-up--not surprising considering the game is based on Barbie dolls. A scrapbook is a form of log for all the adventures children have taken part in--children can decorate its pages after collecting pictures from each imaginary world.  

Kids were disappointed when the cakes they spent time decorating didn't appear on the tea party table (instead, the program's default cakes were there). Also, the cursor is a bit awkward throughout the program--younger children had the hardest time with it. 

The program is designed for children ages 4 and up. In fact, 3-5 is probably the most appropriate age group for the content. Kelly Club is fluffy, somewhat limited, but fun.

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  • Kids go on "adventures" in imaginary worlds
  • Open-ended play


  • Not a lot of depth
  • Cursor is a bit clunky 



For Win/Mac By: Vivendi  Ages 3-5 Published: 2001


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