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Toy Review:    LeapPad Pro

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Top Pick This more sophisticated version of the wildly popular electronic pad, the LeapPad, is designed to appeal to an older audience, but can still be used with preschoolers. The unit opens up to hold specially designed books--a sampler book as well as a chapter book (such as The Wizard of Oz) is included with the pad. Children use the attached stylus (pen) to interact with the book. Unlike the interactive books designed for the original LeapPad, the enrichment books for the LeapPad Pro focus on vocabulary and reading comprehension and are appropriate for children ages 7 and up. 

Note that this professional version is capable of reading any LeapPad book, including those designed for preschoolers. Some families with preschoolers might prefer to buy this version so that it will grow with their child. Its design is more sophisticated than the original pad--kids 7 and up won't find it too babyish. Plenty of titles are now available for the pad, and more are sure to come considering the toy's popularity. The unit is solid and appealing, helping kids build confidence. Any word that is unfamiliar to them can be read aloud, and many challenging words are defined. 

  • Children who know how to read can further their abilities with vocabulary development.
  • Promotes confidence in independent reading.
  • Original and breakthrough product.
  • Can be used with interactive books originally designed for the LeapPad.


  • Not all children 7-up will take to the unit.


See LeapPad and Quantum Pad, the current products in this line.

Electronic Toy By: LeapFrog       Ages 3-10 Published: 2001


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