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Toy Review:    LeapPad Plus Writing

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Toy Review: LeapPad Plus Writing

Electronic Toy

By LeapFrog

Our Recommended Age: 3-8

Our Rating: A-






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Top Pick. If you don't already own the revolutionary LeapPad, this latest model is the one to buy. Although the same as its LeapPad cousin in most ways, the big difference is found in its magic pen--and what it can do to expand the LeapPad system's learning power. 

Children can still use the little laptop's magic pen to point at hotspots on books' pages for a reaction. The "plus" in the name of this toy, however, allows them to write with the pen as well.

For more information about the original LeapPad, see our review here. The LeapPad Plus Writing comes with two interactive books: Interactive Book 1 and Interactive Writing Book. With these starter books, kids learn an assortment of facts about science, geography, foreign languages, phonics, and more. With the writing sampler book, children practice drawing shapes, writing letters and numbers, spelling words, and more.

Note that although the books in the package will entertain and educate for a while, parents are more than likely to feel the need to buy more books for the system. 

This electronic toy is appropriate for children ages 3-7 or 8. For children ages 8 and up, consider the Quantum Pad Learning System, also by LeapFrog.


UPDATE 2004: Note that there are a number of LeapPad versions available. Last year, LeapPad Plus Writing was released, and the latest version released this year is LeapPad Plus Writing and Microphone. These two latest versions are backwards compatible. In other words, they will accept any LeapPad book, whether or not the books are microphone-enabled. Common sense suggests purchasing this latest version with the writing and microphone features.



  • Tried-and-true system with added features--the ability to write letters, words, numbers, and to draw shapes.
  • Portable unit with a long life span. 
  • Both educational and entertaining.
  • Plenty of add-on books available.

  • With additional interactive book purchases, the system is a tad pricey.


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For more information, user reviews, or to buy: LeapPad Plus Writing
Reviewed November 2003
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